Saturday, August 6, 2016

you can't re do it

We headed back to Miami Beach, to the same spot. I thought it would be lovely to head down at 5ish one evening when it would be getting cooler so that we wouldn't need gallons and gallons of sunblock. So that we could all frolic in the waves and not get cooked. In theory it was a genius idea but......

There were no waves and the water wasn't crystal clear and there was a tonne of people. Oh well what to do. We had fun anyway and it was nice that the sun wasn't a bazillion degrees. This summer has been really hot, every day we have had feelslike temps in triple digits...blech.

this couple, every time I aimed the camera they moved into the shot....sigh. so instead of editing them out. hello.
little pickle
bye bye sun
what are they staring at?
so happy all the time
hmmmm, funny girl
sweet face
down by the sea
Sunset is my favourite time to head to the beach with one exception... the fish are all feeding. wahhhhhhh


  1. I was going to say...sunset (or sunrise) is the time the sharks come in to feed closer to shore; not my favorite time to swim!! And seaweed is not yuck! lol! Sometimes, if you shake it in your hand a little shrimp or something might come out. It is a good hiding place for little creatures trying to get bigger in the vast sea!

  2. However, I do agree with the less sun aspect of that time of day!!

  3. Gorgeous shots..........especially of Rosie😍