Monday, August 8, 2016

swim mum

Lily decided the day that i told her she wouldn't be able to swim for a while that it was OK and she would try out for her High School swim team. Funny how something that seemed so far away all those months ago is already here and I am once again chauffering to and from practice. She signed up for the team at orientation, mentioned she a previous club swimmer, and was duly noted as such. Other kids that are in her high school know her from her club. While we were in England her HS had the "free physical" day when you could get your physical done for free that you need to get done for the mandatory health insurance. so she missed that opportunity so meet the swimmers so she was thrown into the mix poolisde on Monday morning.

I drove her to the pool and said see you at 11. I didn't think for a minute she would want me anywhere near the pool especially with squirt tagging along but she looked mortified and said, but mum, where do I go and and and. We walked on to the deck together and spotted her coach who greeted her warmly. I retreated and returned later with camera in hand, asked permission to take photos. I stayed completey out of the way and got really crummy shots but I wasn't about to piss anyone off on the first day.

 Later on the coach asked me to take photos for the team and gave me free reign.

a natural
her form remains great, her times need work
she went straight into lane 1
my favourite shot
my favourtie stroke
loving being back in the pool
no time to think about anything, just getting it done
giving her all
the other lane are the swimmers that made the team but aren't club swimmers....oy, wouldn't know where to start.
Lily said it is really good being back in the pool. Her academic load is going to be heavy this year but I would like to see if she can do it full time, not just on the school team. High school is tough, teen yrs are tough and you can't get in to trouble when you have to treat your body like a temple and when you don't have time to do anything other swim and study. I might sacrifice life in order to get them back in the pool again, ong term to keep them both out of trouble it would be worth it


  1. You are right....she is a natural & looks right at home. Looking forward to some great "water" shots!

  2. She looks so happy to be back in the water!!!