Thursday, August 11, 2016

skating party and dead camera

The girls were invited to Danielles ice skating party on Saturday. At the last minute, the organisation that Lily volunteers with needed help and she made the decision to help them out so Rosie and I went without her. Rosie is the most athletic of the 2 kidlets but this skating thing seems to have both of my girls baffled.

and so it began
danielle the birthday girl......not letting go either
2 peas in a pod
It took FOREVER for her to get that far. for.....EVER
Jenny had an instructor on hand to teach the little whippersnappers the ins and outs of skating, which I thought was marvelous but alas I was alone in this thought. Rosie said, and I quote, Oh, I'm fine just doing this. So I pointed out that she wasn't and herded her into the group.

She learnt some basics and things improved
ever so slightly
and then they un-improved. bwa ha ha
look mummy I'm skating. No, you are walking
hmmm, blurred photo
and then my fabulous dslr died. dead. RIP

Every photo from that point on was a mess of swirling colour and hippy drug abuse. The friends sharing food and all of it were lost. I was mildly panicked when I uploaded them to the computer and saw the hell unfold. I disconnected it from the computer and took a few shots and looked......blurry shots of hippy drug induced colourful hell. wahhhhhhh. I took everything apart and placed each piece on the table and muttered to myself and rocked back and forth on my chair begging myself to know what to do, I checked my go to guide for life and kept going. I put things back together and yelled for a kid, any kid to come hither and I snapped away.

I don't know how I did it, or what I did  but voila, kid has tonsils. phew.
Don't expect to get that lucky again 

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  1. are something else kiddo:) Dawn once again a great repair job although I kinda like the blurry ones. Ha ha!