Friday, July 22, 2016

A detour in life

On the morning of July 22 I woke ridiculously early, like 4.50 early. I looked at my phone for a few  minutes and then tried to go back to sleep. I decided at 5.30 to get up and at 5.50 received a text from the sista from another mista that said, please call me as soon as you wake up.

She told me that Caro had had an accident whilst filming in New Hampshire and needed surgery. Sista lives in Israel. We were Face timing, I looked at her and said, do you want me to go? She said yes. With that we started the plan. I told her I was jumping in the shower, if she could start looking into flights I would get ready. By the time I got out she had nearly sorted the flights, or so we thought. I also started this end but AA put me on hold for 35 minutes. She was booking her end. I woke the kids up and we started packing. I figured we would be gone for the weekend. We decided that since things were going so slowly I should head to the airport at least then I would be there and could get on whatever was available at a moments notice so I called Uber. By this time it was almost 9.

She was trusting me with her daughter I trust her with mine, it's what we do. We don't question the others decisions we don't have to. I trust her with my life and the life of my kids and it's mutual. From this point on it was up to me no questions asked, what ever I said was the law.

Finally we were booked. It was going to be tight but we were booked. And then delayed. Caros surgery was scheduled for noon. Could she delay too? No! Damn it.

We finally made it to New Hampshire after flying through Philly and spending time there. We hopped into a car and started the long winding drive up to the walking wounded.

Caro was acting in a film, not sure if I can say what it is or to much about it yet until it is released so all I will say is: her father in the film had to slam a door in her face, and when he did, ding dong child left her finger in the door.  Well  she, or maybe I should say HE chopped part of her finger off and broke the bone so badly that she had to have surgery to insert a screw to put Humpty back together again.

By the time we arrived surgery was over and a very sedated, anesthesia ridden kidlet was feeling no pain and was back on set. Mama bear was mad. The mama that took her to surgery was the mama of the director and had one thing on her mind: the film and it's budget, I had one thing on my mind: Caro's well being.  She was a lovely lady but our priorities were different and Caro was too out of it to know if she were adding damage to her hand. Caro was coming back to the hotel with me and that was that. But Caro is an adult and Caro would not leave. I decided it was time to lay it on the line and explain it Dawn style, I won't say it, word for word here, as it was graphic. I told her to call me at 2am when the pain was excruciating and I would go and get her and we left.

I didn't hear from her in the night but first thing next morning when I went to the set she looked like crap and when I hugged her she said she felt terrible and that the pain was so bad in the night but that she hadn't called me cos what could I do? I sat with her and loved on her. We talked and I sorted her meds schedule. The other mum was busy flitting around being all Hollywood. Caro needed to eat so I fed her and made sure her boyfriend knew exactly what she needed. he was amazing. I apparently scared the crap out of her the night before which was the plan.

Hollywood mum wanted her to do her scenes and I was OK with it since she was at a large house and was able to film and then go and sleep in one of the bedroom sets. Sam, her boyfriend was so attentive that I knew she was in good hands. Caro wanted the meds out of her system so she was trying to eat and drink. But it was like pulling teeth

All the time I was updating sista in Israel. Our goal was to get Caro back to Boston but I knew that was a long shot.

The girls and I would leave the cabin so as not to disturb the filming and then we would return and creep super quietly into the house or only the driveway depending if Hollywood mum would leap out of a bush madly waving her arms for silence. We spent all day begging the car to drive as quietly as it could out of the driveway. Sometimes I would just say: I need to see her, I didn't come all this way to not see her.

We were very close to the Canadian border and we explored little bits of New Hampshire. Never  more than 11 miles away from Carolina. We were not there for fun but we still were able to explore a little.

Friday when we first arrived and someone was feeling no pain. The hand is meant to be elevated at ALL times. Feeling NO pain
Enjoying a snack outside on the terrace at the hotel. 
A beaver damn.  Ive never seen one, ever. The house where the filming happened was on this lake. it was stunning
First thing on Saturday morning waiting for Caro to finish her lines
A chipmunk...a first for me
an actress can smile for any camera
this was how she really felt. poor baby
I left her for a little bit and took the girls away so she could film. Hollywood mum told us to go to a town called Lancaster so we did.
a sleepy little town that was 30 years behind Miami
Don't think I'd want an attorney called Frizzell
Right smack dab in the centre of town.
it was a very welcoming town...but we stayed a short time...cos Caro.

We dashed back to the house but they were filming so the we followed the advice of Jason, the owner of the Barron Brook Inn where we stayed sort of accidentally cos it's not like we knew where to stay.(and would stay again and again and again) We went to a ski lift and went up a mountain cos we don't have mountains here so why not, only it rained and it was freezing and we got soaked and laughed like weirdos he entire time.

A moose was loose. one was a Hoolywood mum hit it so I called her moose.
this is NOT a moose, you cannot fool me
excited to go up a mountain...they did not know it would rain hah
our view
this was the offending cloud. 
hmmm it looked innocent enough but looks can be deceiving
giddy girls
drying out
white knuckles 
Then we zoomed back to Caro again and met up with her and she was tired and beat and said, I want to go home can you change your flight and take me home? That was what I wanted to hear. I took her to the hotel where she was treated like royalty and early the next morning, very early I drove down into Boston and took her and Sam home. I swear the closer I got the better and more alive she got. We stopped somewhere and she ate breakfast, not a lot but some and then we finally got into Downtown Boston and I let her go with promises of her calling surgeons or me and coming to my house if she needed me.

I then drove back to New Hampshire and hopped on a plane with the girlies and reversed our trip home.

Chickie Wickie as I call her is recovering well. I have lots of photos that I haven't shared, of her finger. She has her 3rd appointment with her dr tomorrow and she takes me along on face time. She has done everything she is supposed to do and her medical team is pleased with her progress. 5 more weeks and her mum will be here for the next surgery. There have been a few bumps along the way but all in all she has handled this really well.

While all this was going on here Sista was in Israel with her youngest chickie in hospital. She has recovered but the sista...not so much. I think she is going to need a long vacation and a large bottle of booze.

Suddenly Rosie is very protective over Chickie Wickie, I guess this happens when you have to dress someone and help them cut up their food. LOL, you get a sense of ownership. She's a bit like a junk yard dog around her.

Hollywood Mum, she is a famous Hollywood actress. I call her Moose, she hit a moose a couple of nights before we arrived, thankfully only her rental car got hurt, nothing else. A lovely lady but nuts.  A lot of the cast in the movie are well known, I only cared about one... she one with the big finger.

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  1. Poor Chickie Wickie! I hope all her surgeries work out & she gets better soon. However, because of what happened you got to spend some time in the great northeast! Do you see why we love it so much here?