Friday, July 22, 2016

disclaimer.............more posts below this.

I'm even further behind than before cos I had to take an unplanned trip this weekend up to New Hampshire. sista from anotha mista needed back up. Lets just say that I am so glad to have her in my corner cos if I ever needed anything ANYTHING for me or if I needed anything for one of my girls I would never hesitate to let her step in and take over just as I did for her. I have 2 girls that call me Mama but in my heart I have 4 children. This bond was tested this weekend when Chickie Wickie 1 had an accident and needed surgery.  I couldn't get to NH fast enough on Friday to make sure Chickie Wickie was OK.

At the same time across the world in Tel Aviv sista had Chickie Wickie 2 in hospital. No mother needs this EVER. Both are OK Sista from anotha mista might need vast quantities of booze and long vacations to recover from this but in the end she too will be OK.

The joke between sista and I is this: We always knew we were meant to be sistas.......then I add: I knew this from the very first time we met...she needed a little more time to consider it.

I'll attempt to blog a lot now and get back on track.

Trying to get chickie Wickie to eat. She is looking at the banana and bargaining with me how much she had to eat.


  1. OMG. What did she do? You are the best when it comes to helping people.

  2. Wow - what a story!! You were so amazing to go and help her. I know she was so grateful you were able to be there for her. You'll have to tell me what movie to look for when it finally comes out! I'd love to see her in it! Hope she is able to get her finger back to 100% or at least very close to it.