Tuesday, July 19, 2016

getting her first tattoo


remember when I posted that Lily had gone to Tattoos by Lou together ears pierced the A.J. had sent us packing because she wasn't 14? Well turns out that was misinformation, A.J. no longer works there and Lily didn't have to be 14.  She did have to have a notorised form stating that I gave my permission and I did have to go to, so some of the info was correct.

I was a little bit concerned that Lily might faint as she has a ridiculous fear of needles but she did OK. Katie her artist/piercer expained very thoroughly everything that she would feel before she began so there were no surprises she also gave me permission to post her picture. Lily looks terrified because she was.

Just a little did you know: did you know that Claires does not have to clean their guns in an autoclave they only wipe it with an alcohol swab even though it can come into contact with human blood as the earrings shoots through the earlobe puncturing it. that folks is unacceptable. 

Luckily for Lily the original holes from the last 2 dreadfully unsuccessful times were still partially pierced and very much in the perfect spot making it all so very very easy for Lily and Katie.
concentration looks like this....who knew
and this
It's done
This looks much better
we are three weeks into the piercing with nary a sore red ear. Heehaw. Hopefully this is what it takes for Lily to be able to wear earrings. Rosie watched the entire process and decided she is NEVER getting her ears pierced.

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