Monday, July 18, 2016

salt life

I'm nearly all caught up. Phew

The girls and I like to go to a beach not so far from here that is a little quieter than Miami Beach and not so full of tourists. Miami Beach gets too crowded and parking is quite challenging but Key Biscayne is easy peasy and has lots of amenities. Sadly some of it's newest amenities include some sort of disgusting schmootz in the water and some slimy stuff that makes you want to run from, not to, the ocean.  We stood and stared at the smelly ocean for about 5 minutes in sadness and then I said, everyone back to the car and I drove to Miami Beach. Parking was a hassle until I accidentally found a a multi-storey car park and then bam, everything fell into place.

The oldest child was still muttering under her breath about Miami Beach and this and that when we all looked up and much to our surprise we saw this.

Waves...which never happen here, I forget the explanation, crystal clear water and not too many people.
Without a seconds hesitation both kids grabbed their boogie boards and took off. I had made an executive decision earlier in the day to only take one lens with the camera. Leaving my stuff unattended in my beach bag whilst frolicking in the ocean just doesn't make sense.

Our water temperature is currently 85 degrees so you don't even think about it you just walk in and it is divine.

One of the few pictures of both girls on boards.
Lily suffered wardrobe malfunctions with the strong waves.
this kid loves it
she would ride the waves in all the way in and leave some grown men shaking their heads. It's her weight, or lack there of. 
fun times
always smiling
Lily and I had fun taking Rosie way way out to the waves and getting her on them as they were breaking.

It was a wonderfully windy day which for the middle of July is rare and apparently some people weren't thinking about the wind.
that's that then.
I couldn't help noticing that even the car park had ocean views.
all this for $1 an hour. Its the best deal on the beach LOL
Collins Ave
ditto, more of the same.
As long as we arrive early and don't hit to much traffic on the causeway this will be the beach of choice. I'm sure we won't get as lucky again with the waves.


  1. What a beautiful beach! Reminds me of Hawaii. We rarely go to the beach here. It's ten minutes away, but I don't like it. It's always windy, the water is cold, there are sharks, and it's crowded. LOL! Grammy and Papa's pool is a better alternative for us.

  2. It looks like so much fun & 85 degs would be about right for me!

  3. I miss the beach. :( Looks heavenly.