Tuesday, July 12, 2016

wrapping it up..........

And just like that it was time to wrap it all up.

I left the day in Cambridge with a bit of a migraine, nothing bad, just a migraine that I get all the time but it morphed over 4 days into one from hell and Jeanne ended up taking me to the Dr.,  where I received 2 shots on the spot that did nothing...insert the saddest, most pain riddled face ever, and a prescription for the shots I have here at home which, did help but only for 3 freaking hours. I lost an entire day. Urghh this whole migraine thing pissses me off.

So the girls spent a day with nanny and grandpa, their win and I spent a day in bed, my loss.

My seester showed up super early to help pack and drive us to the airport . Not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but my seester is the queen of packing, She truly can get 10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag. And I had lots of the aforementioned 5lb bags...hah.

One of the our absolute favourite days there is a day spent with Nanny. Every year nanny says to Lily, what would you like for your birthday and Lily says, Oh Nanny can we go shopping to that place, cos Lily has no idea where that place is but she just loves it. And that is what we do. We can literally spend an entire day ( hangs head in shame) shopping in 2 shops. We break for lunch in M&S and then we go right back to shopping and we do 6 months to a years worth of overseas shopping in one haul. Even Rosie loves it. and she does not like to shop. at all. one bit. Every now and again we have to stop and make a trip to the car cos we have just way too many bags so when it is time to pack I turn to big seester for help and she always laughs and says this is easy I don't understand why you can't do it. And I say cos they were full when we got here and now... well now there is no chance! If ever they open these shops in Miami we will never shop there as this is a Nanny and Lily tradition and it WOULD NOT be the same.

Add to this epic shopping day haul all the bits and bobs, the tools, the chocolate, oh I had a tonne, I had 5lbs alone for one very special client, more germolene than you can shake a stick at, a little wooden chest of drawers~ not even kidding here, you get the idea and the oddest item of all.....

this typewriter
OMG...sorry about the garden nippers on the table. LMAO. 
Lily saw it in a fabulous little vintage shop, it's in brand new condition, including it's case. Initially she wanted a really really old one but when she saw this one and saw the price, a steal, she had to get it.It works perfectly and she loves it, it even came with a spare ribbon still in its tin. Score. I decided I'd worry about the logisitics of getting it back closer to the time LOL. This ended up being Lily's "lap-top" allowance in her hand luggage and when it went through the x-ray machine it caused the technician to say, what the hell is this? A man came over and said, it's a typewriter and after a few minutes of inspecting the machine, it's fine! To which she replied, I've never seen one of these before. She was a young security lady.

 So my seester worked her magic for mere minutes whilst I stared and pretended my head didn't hurt too much. Her head hurt too, same thing, weird huh? and then it was time for the moment that we all dread. The one where my children break their freaking hearts and the one where my Father looks like someone has punched him in his heart. The man who never lets on if something is wrong apparently disappeared to his workshop for an entire day. His wife stands there knowing she can't fix it. I keep a stoic face because I cannot let my guard down in front of him as it will worry him. So my seester and I act all cheery and say see you later cos we never say anything else. And bam, just like that it is over and everything returns to the way it always is and it is ok-ish.

We purposely booked the last flight out for the day but little did I know my head would be imploding and little did I know we would be delayed. so there we say and sat and sat.

This is why people don't wan't to go to England. Bullshit. this is the only rain I saw. 
I love rain.
And just like that....well almost just like that, we were on the other side of the Atlantic looking backe and feeling homesick.
and I have a self imposed rule..........I don't give a damn what time you get home from a trip you UNPACK right then and you start the washing. yes well. The head. This is what I woke up to the next morning. Oh dear god. Really I did. The horror of it all.

So I did what all little seesters do, I called the big seester and said HELP
There is even a bottle of water there on the floor just flung. I must have lost my mind.


  1. That rain looks so refreshing! I want to live somewhere where it rains in the summer. I hope you're feeling much better.

  2. What an amazing trip - minus the bad migraine. My sister is a writer and she loves typewriters.