Monday, July 11, 2016


For as long as I can remember the girls have loved playing down the rec on the zip wire and that hasn't changed. Even the 14yr old who says she doesn't care any more if she rides on it or not cannot contain herself once she gets there.
 The only other requirement for a good time on it, are Crazy Auntie Sally and Mad Uncle Andy.
pure joy
Mad Uncle Andy pushes hard
funny, silly, moody, challenging. oh so help me teenager
he gives his all....she's only 50lbs
she's all shook up 
this sign....really?
they are fixing my beautiful place. they better not mess it up!
Onwards to more randomness My brother isn't the only one who has a lovely garden. Daddy and Jeanne do to.

gorgeous colour

hello chicky
grow it, eat it
must have been windy. it worked last time 
A complete rainbow. It must be because of the river or maybe, in the words of Rosie, it's because it's Nanny and Grandpas house. LOL
whatever it is it's pretty magical
Rummikub is a serious matter

As you have noticed the Daddio is always wearing a hat, he has always worn a hat. One of his grand children calls him Grandad hat. He was still asleep one morning and his hat was on the back of a chair..............
hmmm, wear have his salmon fishes gone???
I never noticed all the colours in it
I can't remember whose bedroom this one was growing up ( my father grew up in this house)...but apparently they needed to be locked in....well bwa ha ha. It was probably his.
And just like that it was done.


  1. The zip line shots are great. How old is your father's house? I just love the way the garden has all those paths. Those doors & locks remind me of my grandmother's cottage

  2. Parts of the house are a little over 500 yrs old. Parts were destroyed by a fire and others aprts are new, you know, like only 2-300 yrs old.

  3. Gorgeous!!! Just gorgeous. These pictures make me want to visit England so badly. Actually not just England - your family. They wouldn't mind if I stayed with them a few days, would they? ;)