Sunday, July 10, 2016

time stands still for no man....or daughter

It never fails but when I am at home time speeds up. Not sure how but it does. I live every second and I love every second. Being in the house that I spent so much time in as a child just makes every thing in life better. Wandering about aimlessly without a care in the world is fabulous.

As you know my Daddio is extremely talented, he can just about make anything and can fix whatever I broke   most things. I have inherited some of his natural talent but I have a long way to go. His workshop is heaven on earth to me. I could spend days inside just opening drawers. looking inside tins. marvelling at the fact that he owns every single tool I have ever heard of, from some that are very very old to the most modern table saw there is cos Jeanne worries about him, a lot. He is a little obsessive and everything is organised in just a way so that he knows where it is. Everything is in a jar, tin, or drawer. Old pieces of furniture house larger objects, ledges covered in years of cobwebs hold glass bottles, all containing the same thing. There are many of the same thing, many.

When I grow up I want a work shop just like this.

Be still my heart.

he never calls it a shed, it's not a shed, it's a workshop.
beyond that little green gate is where the magic happens. the gate is the divider in the garden. I don't know why it is divided, it just is.
hah, I had to sneak in a photo of the myth, the man, the legend himself. The daddio
this is a heart I took with me, I wanted to put barbed wire around it, I knew daddy would have some, he didn't so he MADE some. I kid you not. 
enter with me at your own risk
Oh I can smell it......
see all those tins, I have the same affliction. I save them too for little screws and knickknackerreea. all this crap is hidden away behind closed doors. hand built closed doors.
across a paint dripped work bench. this one is kept clear, others not so much.
a drawer full of files...only files
shoes, in the work shop? all brown, all polished.
another drawer containing many of the exact same tool
many necessary items
don't want to run out....EVER
thems some classy looking cobwebs.
I love every inch of this space.
every single inch. every single smell. every single saw dusty bit. 
I need to feel this
saws. a plethora of them. one for every occasion. daddio was sad he couldn't share but TSA just doesn't share our love of tools
If I ever get stuck with a project I pick up the phone and say Daddy.....and he says .....
I want this deep within my soul
this is what he shared this time. He knows why. And guess what I have used the file already. I did.  He gave me one, then 2 minutes later took it back and gave me that one.  And yesterday I needed accident with the garbage disposal.
my heart, stained with a stain I made out of steel wool and vinegar.
I don't want to wish my life away but when I get to move...heehaw. You'll find me in the barn

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  1. I definitely share your love of old tools & workshop.......they are so fascinating!