Sunday, July 10, 2016


I grew up in a small town, every one knew who I was, everyone still knows my family and Rosie asked me recently if Grandpa is famous because EVERYONE knows him and he knows EVERYONE. It takes a little explaining in a city as large as Miami to describe my town and basically the monopoly that went along with it because if you haven't seen it and lived it you just can't "get" it.

My fathers family was there, right there, not all of his 80 billion uncles of course but his "family". I was truly one lucky duck growing up. One of his cousins who he is very close to and whose kids I went to school with, had a significant wedding anniversary whilst we were there and we were invited.

The highlight for me was not of course seeing all the old timers, cos lets face it half of them don't even know who they are anymore, let alone who we are, snort but seeing the second cousins. I spoke to one such cousin for hours, just her and I  reconnecting 30+ years. The good the bad and the other. A gap was bridged and a connection made that can never be undone. Ben one of the young 'uns, used to be a curly haired little bugger, is now probably 6'7 of mature upstanding goodness. This made me giggle. Such a lovely chap with his 3 kids in tow. Rosie and his Ruby, instant friends.

All the extended family celebrating the good things in life together.

50 yrs of wedded crazy.
Norton and my father were very crazy young men and can tell rather eyebrow raising tales about each other. Not really sure how they both survived. Lol
(photo cred Jeanne)
someone thinks the sun rises and sets on her Grandpa...........I wonder where she gets that idea
I happen to love this photo
My father is a big fisherman, He salmon fishes and these are 3 of his fishing  amigos. Can you believe they asked to have their photos taken. They are STILL little boys trapped in big boys bodies. Hah. Friends for life, it is scary as all hell when the one in the middle and daddy get together. Cheers.

After the luncheon and the speeches the children went outside for a quick game of cricket. Rosie was invited to play but was a little unsure of the rules, obviously, so she was given a few pointers and off she went. She however confused bowling with pitching and put a very American spin on the game bwa ha ha
Uncle Andy keeps this cricket green in tip top shape
hey Yank, that's a pitch not a bowl
sheesh who bought the foreigner. LOL
One kid said to her, you can't throw, meaning you can't bowl, so she said, oh yeah, watch me and wailed an overarm pitch. snort. 
important rules meeting but look who isn't listening hah
She never figured out the proper form, they gave up trying and accepted  the Yank. fun was had. why can't adults just accept. 
Lily was in full blown teenagery mode. In all fairness she was all on her own age wise so she went outside and sat in the sun. Grandpa noticed and went and sat with her and then sidled off for a ciggie, naughty boy.
teenagery solitude
I love this shot. I had to zoom in from miles away and it captures him so perfectly
and my absolute favourite shot of the day
It's a terrible photo, Daddy Rosie and i are wind swept , I'm freezing and the kid on the end is magically perfectly coiffured and composed, but I just love it, I really really love even if I do look like im having a stoke
(photo cred to jeanne)
urghh, the trip was coming to an end...............

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  1. Love Rosie's ability to "change " the rules in such a traditional English game๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ. Too funny. I too love the last pic๐Ÿ˜ It's a keeper.