Friday, August 19, 2016

a favourite place

Yesterday we went to a water park ( blog post soon) and I made a few suggestions on how we should spend today and the one I hoped they would pick was a day at the beach in the West Coast....they did and not only did they pick it they picked it at the same time so no fires had to be put out.

It a quick and easy drive from her to Naples and one that, if the weather is good, can take just about 2 hours. I woke everyone early ( we are practicing the new school schedule as of last Monday) and we headed west.

Everything was perfect once we arrived at the beach. Perfect.

gorgy girly

Nice and peaceful. Everyone sits within 40 feet of the entrance from the parking lot so we walked down the beach just a tiny way.
swim practise
looking at the fish

such a busy little birdie
she loves it here
man overboard
there were a lot of fish.....and fishermen, or birds

we left the beach and headed to the pier. Can you see the differences in these two. One opens her eyes for the camera. 
we were at the beach in front of all the high rises.
Oh looky, not 5 minutes after a lady said it isn't possible to photograph the dolphins. I did. 
this little iguana baby was in front of my car....urghhhh. he didn't flinch when we stood next to hi taking photos. I did though.
From the pier we walked along 5th and then decided we needed to head for home. A really great day.


  1. You girls have the best beach days!

  2. Frame that pic of Rosie(5th one down)! It's gorgeous!