Friday, February 12, 2016


When my mum died, her husband, the man I referred to as, the shitting lunatic to whom she was married and I ended all contact. Actually I ended all contact as I could see absolutley no reason whatsoever to have anything to do with him ever again. He wasn't a bad person particularly but he wasn't an outstanding person either and he definitely wasn't a person I wanted in my life, thank you very much. Buh- bye.

My seester recently spent a lot of time caring for this man in the last few months of his life and frankly she deserves a medal for it. A really really big medal. When I went home I was able to visit my mothers former home for the first time in many many years, even though due to neglect it needs a lot of TLC. We are finally, FINALLY, able to go through our mothers things although I shouldn't say we as it is falling onto my seesters shoulders to do this. She is deciding what stays and what goes. She is deciding who gets what. She is allowing her hubby to delve through boxes of old photos. Yesterday he sent this to me in a text. Brothers in law should not be allowed to do this. I think my seester is telling me: you are getting off scott free, you are not doing any physical work at all. You did not care for the shitting lunatic. this is your bill.

my first reaction was. BURN IT.

Then I laughed.

It explains a lot this photo.

When I go to a new hairdresser I will take with me. Eveyone thinks my hair is dyed. I have every colour possible in it. The sun keeps it very blond but I have some red. Well this is where the red comes from. My Grandmas nickname was Ginger. It didn't stay this colour long.

I sent it in a text to Lily.

she sent back 3 words.          OH MY GOD.

I sent back 2.                           HOW RUDE

She sent back 1                       Sorry

even the eyelashes and eyebrows are ginger. 
The ginger was a short lived era and it turned a browny colour only to go blond again. I don't have many photos of me from when I was little, at least i didn't. Maybe my mum had them all and now that will change. I begged and begged to have short hair. We were in a ballet school and had to have hair long enough to sit on and as soon as we were allowed to stop ballet I wanted my hair cut OFF. I hated having my hair brushed every single morning, the tangles were awful and so painful. This was the best!


  1. I love the freckles that go along with the ginger great would that be if your seester found more pics of your childhood.. Everyone needs memories & your kids will love seeing them!
    BTW I think I had a dress made out of that same was our summer uniform for the grammar school I went to

    1. that was my summer school uniform at Bury Lawn. It was my little girls uniform, thankfully as we got older our uniforms matured, not that they got any better.

  2. You were so stinking cute!! There are times I want to chop Bri's hair off because she complains so much about tangles. I have a thing for gingers ~ I'm married to one. ;)

  3. I don't think I have seen this one. Posting from my phone as my mac isn't even giving me the option to comment now!

  4. not that impressed at this airing of dirty laundry.DP was much loved as a grandpa by julia and David.Much miffed.Colin