Tuesday, February 9, 2016

hitting the trails

I googled bike paths and found that a park not to far from here has actual bike trails. I wasn't sure what they were but thought at worst we could bike in the park itself. I loaded up the car, which is now starting to really freak me out and we headed out.

We got to the park, one we have been to before and absolutely love and saw the trails but they seemed rather intense and intimidating  but then I saw a couple of young kids leaving them so I asked them a few questions. Right then, we can do this. Famous last words.

Stick to the beginner trail.

Every trail has an exit so you can just get off.

Easy peasy.

someone made me really cross cos they failed to take a helmet.
and temporarily I forgot where i was.
the weather was cool and the scenery was lovely. I was in heaven
My little bicycle warrior
She didn't tell me till we got home that she HATED it. 
because she is adorbs
The trails were intense and Rosie really wasn't ready for them. Even though we stuck to the beginner and also the kids there were grown men who were racing trhough them. It was a little intimidating. These people were obviously racing and frankly shouldn't have been on the kids paths but were. It wasn't til later that night that Ro confessed to hating it. She said the pressure to go fast and stay fast was horrid. My poor little wimp.LOL

After that high stress ride we went at a more leisurely pace and cycled the park. Stop number one, the petting zoo.

I have no idea what he has in his mouth but he refused to give it up.
I thought this goat was unnaturully clean, for a goat. I liked!
A very confused sheep
He thought he was a goat who had horns. Dumbass
We had such a gorgeous afternoon.I really don't want the weather to return to the weather that makes this part of the world famous. I am not acclimatizing at all after my trip home and do not want to be here. If it were not illegal I would take off with my girls in a heart beat. sigh.

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  1. Rosie really looks the part of a "seasoned trail rider"......it's too bad she didn't like it! That just cracked me up!