Monday, February 1, 2016

celebrating Rosie

When asked how she wanted to celebrate her birthday this year she looked somewhat puzzled by the question and said, "by going to Lion Country Safari". This is exactly what she did last year so I suppose I should have known she would do it again. Child is a creature of habit and doesn't particularly like change and really did like LCS. For 3 years in a row she went to the Miami Childrens Museum so asking what she wanted to do this year was a mute point to her, she would obviously want an encore performance of last years festivities.

I chose to celebrate her day the weekend before since her birthday falls on a Wednesday and that is just an impossible day to celebrate fun things what with school and work and all. Quick disclaimer: all photos of the animals were taken through the car windows, which may have needed washing! but due to common sense and park rules could not be opened for even a nano second

Front seat
shhhhh. don't wake them. we learnt that the lions used to be wandering free but idiots kept getting out of their cars so now the lions are behind not one but 2 fences. Who gets out of their car?
Probably something I will never ever see again, a baby rhino nursing? Her name is Blossom
This rhino unnerved Lily and she asked me to move
Rosie fed her! OMG she is gorgeous This was after we parked and were wandering through the exhibits, I didn't randomly wind down my window and hand them lettuce...I swear!
that is not Rosie
Love them
I thpeak with a lithp
just because
we went around twice
llama llama red pajama
this flamingo was being very snotty with ALL the flamingos
Ice cream
Funnel cake for the birthday girl
and in no particular order, Rosie and the giraffe.
stinky the goat ( not necessarily it's name, I'm just kind like that)
some weird little cart thingy
feedling a llama
pretty bird
riding a carousel
us riding a carousel
We had a really fabulous day. and now I am burying my head in the sand for 2 more days and pretending. Growing up is what they do!

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  1. Great pics.....especially the rhino & giraffes! I love giraffes! The pic of Rosie on the carousal looking all grown-up...sniff, sniff. I don't blame you for burying your head!