Wednesday, February 3, 2016

and then you were nine


You are NINE. I am writing this post a few days late cos the last couple of days have been an absolute whirlwind but as usual you handled it all like a champion and you behaved so well on that long long long oh my gosh was it long, car ride. 

I cannot believe how much you have grown this year you really are tall. This of course makes buying clothes for you utterly impossible since you are super duper skinny and nothing actually fits you. Oh well luckily most things have elastic in the waistband and somehow we make it work. Your opinions on clothes are this, if its pants, yes, if it is shorts, yes anything else, no thank you. You are absolutely a creature of habit, Monday through Friday your hair is in a ponytail, Saturday and Sunday it is down with a bow. Shorts and a t-shirt are you clothes of choice but if it is a little cooler, jeans are great with a long sleeved t-shirt. THAT IS IT.

Funny! That is you. You say things and just make me burst out laughing.  You have a knack for saving your one liners for just the right time. You seem so timid to those that don't know you and indeed you are but if you have been allowed in to your golden inner circle you are allowed to see the real you. 

Smart? yes indeed. You like nothing more than doing math. You make honor roll every single semester at school and your teachers always say it's a pleasure to have you in the class. You are so good at drawing but that isn't something you spend much time doing.

Sports. You love to expend your energy in any type of sport and have a natural flair for all of them that you have tried. 

Music. You wanted to pursue the piano and haven't looked back and thanks ( that would be complete sarcasm on my part) to your father you now have a full drum set .

You are one of the sweetest, kindest kiddoes I know and wear your heart on your sleeve. I try so much to toughen you up but it just isn't who you are. If I am with you everything is OK in your world. That doesn't mean that you need me to be attached to you 24/7 any more but if i am you prefer it. 

We recently took some photos for Grandpas Christmas present and my favourite one of shows the utter contentment and love on your face as I was hugging you in it. It makes me giggle you funny little love bug.

Family means the world to you and you love it when we are together. Your Nanny, Grandpa, Auntie Sally, Uncle Andy, Cousin Annie, and Jakie all should live with you in one big house. 

Pickle, I love you dearly. I am extremely proud of you and that big old heart of yours.  Thank you for allowing me in and letting me love you, it's an honor bestowed on few. Happy birthday my love.



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Rosie......that big smile says it all!

  2. She is an amazing nine-year old! I hope all her birthday wishes come true.

  3. Sweetest tribute ever! Happy Birthday sweet Rosie!