Saturday, January 30, 2016

eeking out the last of it

I am trying not to think about next Wednesday. I am trying to pretend that it isn't happening which is really daft but right now I am still the mother of an 8 year old and I like that. I am going to savor that for every second. The 8 year old however is very excited that and says things like, this is my last Saturday EVER, of being 8 and I jokingly threaten to beat her senseless and she then tells me that something else is the last time she will be doing it as an 8 yr old. sigh. I just can't escape the reality.

I remember so clearly seeing her face for the first time and knowing instantly that she was my daughter. It was this photo that changed everything. It was love at first sight for me and I couldn't have cared less that she had a heart condition. I would have walked through fire for her.

As I looked back at the blog(s) today I was shocked to see how fast she has grown. How the hell did it happen? (lets not mention the other one that lives in this house)

Six months after coming home she had to have heart surgery
looking a little woozy

14 months
24 months
the 6 yr old photo has magically disappeared. oh poo. I have tried to magic it back but no dice. Believe me she was 6! Rosie Posie, 8 looked amazing on you and I am not sure what the rush is but I can't change it so Ill deal with it.

Tomorrow we will kick up our heels and celebrate you and in true Rosie style we will do it in EXACTLY the same way that we did it last year. You are a creature of habit and why change it if it works.


  1. Happy birthday, Rosie! They do grow up fast. It's hardly fair to their parents. ;)

  2. Can you stand it! LiLi will be 9 on Saturday! Why are they growing up so fast!