Thursday, January 28, 2016

seeing clearly

One week ago the girls had their annual eye exams. Dr Simon is a fantastic Dr but apparently many do not care for him as he is VERY sarcastic and doesn't have much of a bedside manner. I don't need you to hold my hand I need you to be good at what you, an expert in fact. Sarcasm to me is an added benefit.

Rosie hopped in the chair first, all was well with the internal exam given by the techs and the internal photos showed no new abnormalities and finally her vision was a perfect 20/20. Once she saw Dr. Simon he said she is doing so well that he doesn't need to see her for 2 years and that her congenital cataracts are not changing at all and are quite unremarkable. Great news.


And it is here that the sarcasm was kicked up a notch and the appointment became hilarious.
I shall preface this next bit by saying that every single thing that Simon has said about Lily's eye sight has been dead on. Every one of his predictions has happened so don't read this all upset or thinking I'm dreadful for laughing as in the end you will see it is good news. ( why do I have to explain on my own blog? oh that's right cos judgey people feel the need to leave snotty comments about my British humor)

Lily could NOT see that very large 'E" without her glasses. Mrs Magoo.
She could see  a "something" with her left eye but with her right eye there was nothing. And it is at this point when a voice says, forget buying glasses you should just go straight for the seeing eye dog. And we all laughed hysterically.

We are with the tech so she scoots us into see the Dr. He does his examination and sums it up like this:

 her vision has deteriorated but minimally you will not get bad mother of the year award if you don't buy her new glasses now but make her wait unless of course her glasses are too small or she truly cannot see a thing. Oh her glasses are getting too small she needs new ones. Now you will see that the her vision will stabilize and won't get much worse if at all. he then made a few daft comments and we were free to go. My daughter is Mrs Magoo but it's all good.

He has a very humdrum voice and he never seems to stop for air he just runs sentences together until he cannot breath then he takes a huge breath and does it again. Until you are used to it you miss what he is saying as you expect him to run out of air and fall off of his chair but now I ignore this quirk.

So her vision is finally beginning to stabilize, he said it would from our first visit when she was much much younger. He never appears even slightly concerned about how awful her vision is, it is all within the realm of normal.

We went the next day and she chose her new specs. She obviously shops in the adult section now for frames and holy guacamole does she look so much more grown up.

before, in her old glasses with my seester, my fabulous seester
and now ~ gulp
so fancy. 
and thankfully with all the modern technology she doesn't have to wear Coke bottles. Her lenses are still really thick but they are made in a way that minimizes that awful look. Next year she won't have to wear polycarbon lenses as she will be 14, the age that the law allows you to switch and then they will be even thinner. I love her choice, she loves them too and now she really struts around.