Wednesday, January 27, 2016

tennis anyone

oh how we love this weather, oh how I wish it would stay this way so that we could be outdoors more often.

One of my girls is very very athletic and excels at all the sports she tries. The other, not so much. The other has absolutley no hand eye coordination whatsoever. She likes to blame it on high intelligence. I just laugh.

We have tennis courts near by and they now both own tennis rackets so off we went. no one ever uses the courts, probably cos it is way to bloody hot all the time or perhaps cos they are a little crappy.

I was the ball boy, I have never run around so much in life, and laughed that hard, ever. Lily misses every single ball that comes her way but flounces about like a ballerina and looks lovely. And then she says things that leave my gasping for breath, such as, I think I have improved so much, and i am getting a lot better.

No, no you are not.

Rosie on the other hand smashes every ball that comes near her so freaking hard that we all cower in fear of our lives. She is a monster. She doesn't look like a ballerina she looks like a pro. She knocks the yellow fluff off of the ball and sends it out of the court.

They need lessons. Thank god I have no time for such nonsense because of school. Maybe if we lived somewhere different I could let them walk to the courts alone, but not here, no way Jose.

Little pro
maybe she was struck, I have no idea
'll get you my pretty
all the photos of Lily made me laugh she didn't look at all graceful but she really was
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slightly more graceful
I don't know why my iphone is so grainy. anyway we laughed and had a good time.

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  1. Love Rosie's two-handed grip. No wonder she knocks the fluff off the ball!