Sunday, January 17, 2016


I live in a new house, as in younger than 35 years old. It was standing before hurricane Andrew so it was not privy to the extreme building regulations that were implemented post Andrew. Any upgrades and changes to the house must conform but since I haven't taken down any walls, they are sadly old school and frankly, rubbish.

If I want to hang something on the wall it better be able to hang on one of those little picture hanger things and I mean little ones. The plaster board is paper thin and it does NOT matter what sort of anchor I try it fails and both the screw and the anchor are driven straight into the wall.  I thought I had found the solution when I realised that a neighbour worked at the local hardware store so I paid him a visit. Basically he laughed. Our walls are rubbish. Sometimes a particular anchor will work but more often than not, it won't but at least I can try but if it fails I have a huge hole to fill.

I had noticed that the towel hook in the downstairs loo was wobbley, AGAIN and yesterday I managed to whack it with my elbow and that was that, it came off of the wall, again.

This is not a product of my work. I started to fix then took the photo. the raw plugs were in it so I ended up with a massive mess.

this was my towel hook that I knocked off. I didn't use anchors so I am not surprised it failed.
I knew I had to really anchor it. The kids use this bathroom all the time and that little hook gets tugged on. So I decided to cut a piece of wood and paint it and attach the hook to that. In my family there are 3 ways of doing things, the wrong way (never acceptable), the right way (always acceptable) and The Minney way. The latter should only be used by those with experience or someone guiding them as it is often not advisable, quite dangerous and or just daft and is always the choice of last resort. This would have to be done the Minney way, I spoke to the Daddio and he said it would work. From this moment forth in order to get this hook off part of the drywall is coming too. Since I want the hook on the wall it won't be a problem for me and painting the wood won't be an issue either since I know exactly what to do since I "did" this but heaven help the person that buys this house next. This is my, "go to" method of sorting things and let me tell you the next owners will be shocked at the level of craftsmanship. That might a stretch for the use of that word.
Nothing seems out of the ordinary
I could literally hang Rosie on here. The hook is straight, it's the photo that's cock eyed
And the entire time I was doing it, I should have been doing chemistry. And I thought I hated maths. That's all Im going to say about that!


  1. Nice job,! Before you know it chemistry will be over with & you'll be on to the next "dreaded" class😁😁