Friday, January 15, 2016

my favourite thing to do

One of my favourite things to do is purge and get rid of extraneous items around the house. I really can't stand clutter in any way shape or form. My efforts are often thwarted with the girls around as their motto is: keep, keep, keep.

Right after we returned from the best trip to England ever, this list

 was making it's way about facebook, 200 things to throw away today

hah, I thought I lived life simply, OMG after reading this I felt like a needed to call the show hoarders and turn myself in.

I sat the girls down in front of the computer with me and made them pick up paper and pen and write a list from this list of things to get rid of. I didn't mind what entity it went to. THEY DID IT.
For heavens sake they still had hair clips that were a centimetre long from when they were teeny tiny and had had their scrawny little heads shaved in the orphanage. Not necessary.

I cannot tell you the amount of McCrappity ( I can still say that I do not consider it a curse word) we got rid of. Oh it was so liberating, so freeing. I was singing.

5 ginormous black trash bags, the huge ones, 3 boxes and a few things that didn't fit into either and I am still going.

Read the list. free yourself of McCrappity.  You too will hear angels sing. I want to try and sell some stuff but I have zero patience and once I decide it needs to go it better leave, yesterday. I also ready all the complicated stuff about selling on Ebay and I thought, huh, buh bye.


  1. It's on my list......maybe I should throw my list away:)

  2. I love to clean out closets and drawers, too! I am pretty good about keeping our closets well-organized, but there are other pockets of disorganization throughout the house and garage. It was easier to stay organized before I shared the house with another human being, though.