Wednesday, January 13, 2016

lifes a circus

The circus is in town, as in that 3 ringed jobbie belonging to Barnum and Bailey. I hate it, I detest the abuse that the animals suffer. Every child deserves to go to the circus just once in his or her life so I take mine and use it as a teaching experience. Lily went when she was younger and now it was Rosies turn.

Rosie truly had no idea what to expect, no idea. Her only preconceived notion was that clowns might be scary. I read that if you show up an hour before the show began you could meet the performers so that became the plan. I actually wanted to buy my tickets there so we went very early in case there was a line, there wasn't but it turned out to be in our favour as we were able to visit the animal enclosure. Did they know this was something I dreamt of? A chance to really pound my lesson home? It's funny cos if you have children that love animals you don't even have to say a word, they just see and are horrified and the more you show the worse they feel. I did however point out the bullhook that the elephant trainers all had in their hands and were quick to use. I didn't need to point out the whips as she saw and heard those for herself.

As for the rest of the show, the people performers, very good fun and we loved it.  Ro was entranced. The animal acts scared her.

Still a little unsire what it is all about
reminds me of Beijing zoo
Ringling is retiring all elephants by 2018 so they are introducing camels and dogs. 
release them
the caretaker has a leaf blower to get the sand off of them...a little unnatural and I am sure way to loud

 From the enclosure we went inside to meet the willing performers and Ro was able to get some autographs
And just like that clowns weren't scary and she really got into it
it was fun to meet everyone and then look for them perform
clowns clowns and more clowns
she was loving it
It isn't often that I get to spend time alone with either kiddo so this was extra special.
Our seats were high. I wasan't about to spend a lot of money to teach THIS lesson
sad sad sad
he jumped over them
I kept thinking why don' t they eat him
they shot a lady out of a cannon. She is the white thing right of centre
strong men
When we left the protesters were outside with some ghastly posters and mind numbing statistics. They approached Ro and I and we were chastised by a lady for going to the circus and supporting animal abuse. I told the girl the reason why we had gone and she was surprised. then she told me off for buying a drink as i supported them with the money from the beverage. I asked her if she knew the small % that Ringling received from the sale of the drink and what the percentage was the arena received. I wasn't being cocky but I happen to know and let me tell you, they don't make squat. It's one of the reasons why the concessions are so expensive. She went to educate someone else and we left. Every kid deserves to see the circus, not every animal deserves to be forced into it.

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