Wednesday, December 30, 2015

my favourite things

I think I am so lucky to have grown up where I grew up and surrounded by the famiy that I had. I had ALL of my Fathers family right there incuding second cousins. To this day when I approach the town and see the fields start to give glimpses of the very tall church spire and then the huge stone buildings, and the park, I know I am home. I have made a promise to myself that it will be home again.

Why? My heart is still there even after all these years. I might try a quick jaunt to the Carolinas first to see if that helps but I will not stay here. ( you heard it here first)

Here are many of my favourite things about home and from my fathers home the place that I spent my childhood in. I should probably preface these photos with a disclaimer: I am totally obsessed with old locks and keys. the end.

I love that this little ond fire place has yin yang signs on it. A red thread moment for sure
I spy
When I was poorly I really studied my bedroom and was truly amazed
more details from the fire place
we have always had this grandfather clock
he is proud
I LURVE beams
and brickwork in a stone house
I love the brick work above the windows
I adore this door knocker
crazy keyhole
I would n't lose my keys if they were this big.
If this doorknob could talk I wonder how many hands it has fel
I really nearly might have stolen these. 
big old rusty key
so cute lonely little key
To my Dear Daddy

 If you ever need someone to babysit your tremendously huge collection of keys, I am that person. thank you

 love Dawnski

These are some of my absolute favorites. COLD THe girlies loved breathing out and seeing their breathe. They tried every single time they went outdoors.

LOOK see that cloudy speck...thats breathe. lol
Frost on the roof tops and stone buildings LOVE
ICE. I sung that word with the an operatic voice


  1. You need to check out up-state New York.....four of the most beautiful seasons each year! Well one of them is a little tough at times but is still beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful home! No wonder you want to be there. :)