Tuesday, December 29, 2015

my brother

High, very high, on my list of things to do and people to see, were my brother and Jon. I wasn't sure if I would get there in time as things have gone hastily horribly wrong, but I did. My brother is a good man a very very good man and to see him in such pain hurts, just writing this makes my eyes leak. Ugh, I hate it, we hate it, all of us.

We arrived to a house of bustling activity. Nurses, home health visitors etc, so we headed into the garden. It wasn't that cold and it is such a haven..

I just love the silhouette of this tree, so gnarly and stubby
Chinese lanterns...not seen them for ever.
flowers, no really they are, I'm clever like this
another twisty tree
your highness
garden pretties
Mr. Crankipants
Chinese Lanterns in the kitchen 
I love my brothers house it's 1000% eclectic. I adore all the things, the little bits, the individuality of it all. I could never have that much stuff I would twtich. I had been there 10 minutes when he said, I've been cleaning all morning. WHAT? Crazy guy. I love it. I started taking photos inside too.I hope he doesnt mind that I am plastering his life all over here???!!!
homemade pumpkin bread 
hah, I have this saying everywhere
how he does Christmas with his WWII tinsel and baubles 
pretty...he hates that word
he has a knack
tis a shame one cant just steal windows.
We needed to make ourselves scarce for a bit so the seester, girls and I went into town... a whopping 3 minute walk. I love St. Ives. It is just so picturesque and filled with some lovely shops, most of which were shut for the christmas holiday. We found a coffee shop and had some lunch.
we found this swan who was more than happy to show off for us
my brothers house is one street back from here.

We headed back to the house Jon was awake and ready for visitors. I learnt a few things about my borther this day and laughed at them. Im still in shock. Once we determined than Jon was in good hands we took Colin for lunch...he had no idea we had eaten and had planned on joining us for lunch...gulp...guilt! It was good to be out with him. He can't forget, it's not possible but we can occupy his mind for a bit. we can make him laugh and change the scenery. After lucnh we walked about, again it was lovely.
Not very good with pictures but he will learn
utterly baffled that the camera is facing us.
laughing at his baffled-ness
finally poked him in the side to make him laugh
is this not gorgeous?
it's like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock
a lovely time of night and perfectly frigid
I really should have photo shopped that woman out of there
Good night St.Ives
It wasn't an easy day for any of us but there aren't any easy days at all for Colin at the moment so any change of pace was good. I loved being with him and I loved being able to see Jon. I made some decisions and we made some decisions. Plans have been made and will be carried out shortly. The future will be bright.

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  1. Love the selfies of you & your brother....nice to see smiles at a difficult time. The pics of St Ives bring back so many memories.....we spent out first year of married life there. Love it!