Monday, December 28, 2015

cooking lessons

I can't cook. I don't care to cook. I do cook as we need to eat and I refuse to eat or serve the kids pre-made or prepackaged foods. I have a picky eater, I always said I wouldn't cater to a picky eater but when you have one it is murder and you are just glad they don't die. LOL She isn't that bad and only gags a few times a week. sigh.

Jeanne is a great cook. the girls love her cooking, yes, that was plural, they BOTH love her cooking. One day she was making something in the and she told Rosie that she had saved some pastry to make some tarts with her.

such a simple act meant the world to Rosie. cooking with her nanny. She doesn't get these opportunities, I did this every single day until I went to school. 
She didn't eat one but Grandpa and Uncle Andy said they were lovely.

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