Monday, December 28, 2015

emberton park

Grandpa is always available for a trip to Emberton Park. Due to the Christmas Bank Holidays the place was a mob scene the likes I have never seen before but I shouldn't be surprised as it describes itself as a country day park and has so much to offer and if you take a picnic you really can be there all day. We don't need a picnic as yet again it is mere moments from the house, Even though it is was walking distance we drive to it now because if it is empty which is normally the case anyone can drive a car around there cos no one is the wiser....if you get my drift.

My seester, the daddio, the girls and I hit the ground running, well me not so much as there was mud so I sort of tiptoed about it as I didn't wear my wellies. nincompoop.

This in ground trampoline is fabulous
She is too light to make the cake walk move
naughty boy has his hands in his pockets. that would never have been allowed when we were young
silly billies
My seesters face cracks me up.
not slippy at all with all this mud
going nowhere fast
that's much faster
they adore the madness that is Sally
My heart
And this one is framed
I just put a notice board above my desk and rather than notices, cos lord knows, we have a blackboard in the kitchen that I painted, a fridge covered in noise and now this, I use it for photos, I can do my homework and gaze at the ones I love. I see a "F" in my future. No studying just gazing

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  1. That last pic is definitely "frame-worthy" Looks like everyone had a great's funny how parks turn everyone into a kid again! Rosie is way taller than Miss LiLi!