Sunday, December 27, 2015


One of our favourite places to go is down the rec. It is the recreation area for the town and has the tennis courts, bowling greens, cricket club, football club and rugby club. In addition it has a small playground area that has been there since I was a kidlet and the some of the same equipment is still there. Now they have added some fabulous new stuff including the girls favourite which is the zipline. There are acres and acres of open fields to walk through and at the very bottom is the old bathing place (bathing as in swimming, not washing) which is a river and was and still is a favourite place of mine. We all used to canoe down there and take our dinghys down there and were gone from sun up to sun down.

It is such a simple thing to do, to walk through the grass but something we cannot do here and the girls love it and it was on both of their lists. Nanny, Auntie Ann, the girls and I all went out in the drizzly weather and had a lovely time. In fact we got to spend lots of time with Ann and we loved it. Not everyone has a good time with their family and I cannot imagine how that feels, I adore mine, every last one of them. I have always loved Ann and Brian and as a kid growing up they were 2 more parents.

The smiles weren't for the camera, Everyone was just chattering away and all smiley.
hold tight
I love this
My father has a huge collection of wellies but none of them were big enough for Lily so she had to wear his and since he is a salmon fisherman  she is lucky she wasn't in chest waders! They were a bit big but thankfully no boggy mud!
you look a bit stuck
This horse looks so mean, I love it. This is one of the original pieces of equipment 
I love bald trees
Slightly out of focus as my camera would steam up when i held it near to my face

A bit of a muddy river at this time of year
I don't fancy bathing now
Nannys famous last words, don't go on the steps, they are slippery
No they aren't nanny look
but let me try and knock my sister in
she found this football there, it was dog eaten and sodden and every time she kicked it spewed gallons of water. Did she care? No
Entrance to the Bowls club. quite pretty.
One thing that really stood out to me was the lack of vandalism. No graffiti on any of the equipment. Here it would be ruined not just by graffiti but actually ruined in no time at all. Since coming back this time I have decided I truly do live in the bowels of the world LOL and I cannot wait to get out of here. ( more on that later)


  1. These pics are so "England" from the obviously dreary weather to the park, the green grass & muddy water.....I love it!

  2. Sorry, so behind with the blog! Jus thought it funny that Lily is now taller than Mum as well! Lovely photos.