Thursday, December 31, 2015

new years eve

When I booked the flight for England Lily suggested we get the first flight out of here and the last one back. Smart child, I like the way she thinks so that is what I booked. We needed to be back by the 2nd of Jan so that meant leaving on New Years Day, groan.

My father and his  wife party like young un's and are happiest when their home is full and they are entertaining family. They never ever go to bed before midnight 2.00am and basically just know how to enjoy themselves. When they found out that we would not be leaving at some ungodly hour on the 1st and that we would NOT be ruining New Years Eve a definite sigh was heard! Party on peeps don't let us young chickies ruin the fun.

Jeanne has 3 boys and the youngest joined us for NYE with his little family. Chris is quite a character and kept us laughing. Rosie was happy to have Erin to keep company with as they are only a year apart.

Just before midnight a piper walks the length of the high street and when he reaches the market place plays Auld Lang Syne at midnight. Lily suddenly decided she needed to see/hear this so her and I ran as fast as we could to the other end of Town only to find a mob scene ( all relative to the size of this little town) but we could hear him playing so in the freezing weather we ran all the way home and rejoined the festivities without some even realizing we were gone while others were cross we left without them.

Rosie learnt a new card game, Newmarket and now loves to gamble. It was a lot of fun with all of us playing and all the extra items that were thrown in as bonuses, the kids won it all. Highest bet was 2p.

Im not sure why the Daddio is looking so small in these photos, he's not
Sally is wearing her dress shoes for the occasion. all guests spent the night
I love this
and this
the original to this is on nannys camera so we will be looking in that one
Isn't Erin gorgeous
they played for hours
and this is what they played with
Uncle Andy was missing as he wasn't home from work, he showed up a little later
trying to see her was really cold
ditto the above
We had a wonderful time.

This trip had left me dreadfully homesick. I cannot shake it.

Knowing that I have a plan in place to go back helps.

My sister, brother and I have so much fun together.

My girls deserve to know what a big family is.

Happy new year, may all yours heart wishes come true.


  1. So typically english......a party consists of playing some kind of card game(always with a little gambling) & passing around the "Quality Street" LOL

  2. What a wonderful visit home!! I loved reading all about it. It is so, so beautiful there. I've never been to England, but it is definitely on my bucket list. Your family is just so amazing!