Thursday, December 31, 2015

a year in review

Last year flew by. It was one of the quickest years that I can remember but the old adage says, time flies when you are having fun and fun we were having.

Even though I had officially been divorced for 6 months the unhusband finally had to leave and I started the new year as a single "me". I celebrated by decorating the house my way.

The Pickle turned eight. 8 how can it be?

It was a year of meeting new yet very old friends. Finally we met this wonderful family

Swimming was a top priority and consumed our lives. The girls miss it terribly and I feel very guilty about it. Yes, I know that thy can start again one day but they are losing a lot of time in the water

Cousin Annie came for a visit. Always a high point for all of us and we spent a really lovely Mothers Day at John PenneKamp snorkeling and messing about in the water Simply wonderful

This child, this beautiful child became a teenager and partied with her friends. A first for her.

 The sista from another Mista came to visit with Lucy Lu and we all went on a cruise together to Cayman and Jamaica. Best time ever.

Life Changing Decisions Were Made
 My first day of nursing school

This Happened

My big girl joined the school cross country team. She wanted to belong to a team again and be involved in sports.


 The Crazy Auntie Sally and Mad Uncle Andy pilgrimage happened. We loved having them.


 This really happened
It was a wonderful year. We made plans that will eventually take us home and I am thrilled about that.


  1. I can't wait to hear more about your plans! :) Happy New Year!!!

  2. A wonderful year! It was amazing to see you in person in April!!!