Sunday, November 15, 2015

never ordinary

Life with my seester is never ordinary. Washing clothes with her is never ordinary, always extraordinary. I probably laugh deeper, longer, harder with Sally than with anyone else. Can you believe that we still chase either other around and beat each other senseless (jokingly). She and my brother have been there since my day one, that gives them special privileges. My sister had the very special privilege of naming me when I was born, thankfully it didn't stick as she chose Custard. ( I had jaundice and she loved Custard, it was a natural connection to her) Siblings share a special bond and I can't imagine not sharing my life with either of mine, neither can my children.

Since my life is filled to the brim with things we only had weekends to do silliness. We headed over to the West Coast on Friday evening and settled ourselves in for a weekend of fun. After a filling breakfast, of the now declared poisonous bacon, we headed to the beach. I have declared the beach on Marco Island my new favourite beach. It's a schlep to get to it but so worth the walk. Miles and miles of open space and very very few people. Bliss.

Hey kidlet, that board might be overkill the ocean is as flat as a fritter!
happy to be at the beach with CAS and MUA
A girl and her bucket
hours of bucket fun 
repeat, repeat, repeat
starfish and sand dollars everywhere. All returned to the ocean in seconds of picture taking
My seester in the sea
she saw a fish
making Rosie laugh, a lot
award for best auntie ever goes to: Sally
splishy splashy fun
These photos are so special. You see when my sister was little, very very little she fell in their pool, I wasn't even born, and she nearly drowned. My brother was all of 2 and he alerted our mum. I think that is how the story goes. Thankfully as you can see the outcome was OK. But she doesn't care for water, she can swim and is a good swimmer but it isn't her favourite thing to do. I don't ever remember her going in the water, pool, sea, bath, just kidding about the bath, ever. The girls know not to ask and to never push. Somehow it just happened last weekend and we had the best time. In fact, we had a chicken fight. Seester played dirty, very dirty. I couldn't stop laughing and Lily and I lost every single time. Sally and Rosie fell a couple of times but Seester laughed. It was so amazing to see her frolic in the water. We had a blast. Side splitting, I can't breathe, laughter happened, over and over again.

This is where the seester sits, far far from the waters edge.
And in an odd turn of events it was Andy who sat in the sand and only spent a short time in the water snorkeling. More about our trip coming soon......well soon in relative to my life.


  1. It looks like so much fun was had by all.......I can relate to Sally's aversion to water. I also almost drowned (more than once) so have a fear of water that I do my best to overcome!

  2. What a beautiful beach! Looks like a great time. :)

  3. I like water, just not the sea creatures that could possibly touch me, or bite me. (I got stung really bad by a jellyfish once and almost drowned when I was young). So very glad you got to spend some quality time with your seester! <3