Saturday, November 21, 2015

there goes the property values

Marco Island is rather lovely, or at least it was. It isn't quite so gaudy as Naples and has a more subtle approach to its wealth. On Sunday when we were finally awake and with it we decided to let the girls have a swim before looking around the island and slowly heading towards home.

Straight back into butterfly
the water was cold
more fly
cool photo
Uncle Andy took his supervisory position very seriously
Once Rosie had had enough we checked out and toured Marco Island proper only by the time we were done there was nothing proper about it. If you remember my seesters visit last year you will recall Maisie. Well she came back and was just as disruptive and hilarious. We were in a shop and she suggested she buy something for the girls and I said she should do nothing of the sort so she changed her whole facial expression in a nano second, disheveled her hair and clothes and in a really loud voice stood in the middle of the shop saying, mummeeeee, mummmmeeeee, wheres my mummmeee. The girls, Andy and myself her laughing uncontrollably even though we know better! As sooon as I said, fine buy it for them, she behaved. This continued everysingletimeIsaidNO. In Publix she made a lady laugh so hard cos I ran off to get the car as it was raining and the bloody nutter ran behind me skipping in the puddles with her dress hiked up (nothing showing). My children adore their whacky auntie and so do I. House and property values have plummeted on the island but people have once again remembered about having fun!

Before we got kicked off we thought we should leave. We stopped a few times on the way home. We posted some letters at this modern and extremely large Post Office.

Maisie isn't wild about wild life, she's just wild so she stayed in the car...thank heavens
I can only imagine the trouble 
we visited the indians but it was short lived.
and just like tha the weekend was over and we had to get the kiddies back home as it was thier dads weekend!


  1. Where's the pics of Maisie acting out??? Why does Lily look so mature & grown-up? I can't stand it! Love the pics of Rosie swimming!

  2. I've loved catching up! Nothing is better than laughing until your sides hurt. It's truly the best. Glad you all had a wonderful time with your seester!