Friday, November 13, 2015

hallloween and pumpkins

Yes, yes, I am fully aware that all that nonsense was ages ago but I am all behind and after blogging for almost a decade I just cannot miss documenting Halloween.

I do not care for Halloween I do not care for scary things at all, in fact I like Valentines day, with love and hearts and all things beautiful but this day is not about that. BOO. Thankfully my big girl announced this year that she doesn't care for Halloween either. She chose to dress as a hippie and with the help of my brother pulled it off rather well. Even though it was a non uniform day they still have to adhere to a certain code which includes no open toed shoes so her strappy sandals had to be switched for a brown suede shoe.

Rosie went dressed as a vampire......sort of thing. She just raided our costume box and put 3 costumes together and announced I want these. Nothing that Lily said could persuade her differently. Hah, that's my girl. Nothing about Rosie matches, ever. As much as it makes my brain itch I have learnt to love it and I embrace it and encourage it but believe me it was very very hard and I still fail at it.

This was her practice run as she was choosing costumes. I love how she thought this would be a great idea. It got tamed down however before  Halloween.
My detail oriented child even hippified her nails. She spends hours on her nails so I shouldn't have been surprised
Spiderella, the Vampire
scary stuff
Love Peace and Lily
I honestly don't think this would have been half as great without Colin.
Oh those glasses!
and as this is a double post..............

the night before Halloween Lily was out with friends so I took Rosie to the pumpkin patch. It was a bit of an, oh my gosh moment, as I realized Lily is now too big to do this anymore, WAHHHHHHHH.

It's never fun at the Pumpkin Patch late into the season as the hot hot Florida sun has baked the pumpkins and if you have never smelled rotting pumpkins you are lucky. I waited til it was dark as it helps a little 
Rosie had fun regardless of the eau da pumpkin stench

I love this photos of her
this is typical Ro
Probably weighs more than her
Lilys first Halloween, we were in Salem Massachusetts, it was NUTS
I'm catching up!


  1. I love the Halloween costumes this year!! Happy belated eat too much candy day!

  2. I just love Rose's first choice.....she shouldn't have "tamed" it down. She also appears to be growing....her legs are looking really long to me:). Colin did a great job with Lily's hippie look! It's perfect.

  3. Those pictures of Rosie in the pumpkin patch are so cute! Pumpkin patches here aren't much better. Thankfully, we visited one in the local mountains this year and didn't suffer the heat.