Monday, October 5, 2015

raising awareness

I wrote this post on Saturday and evidently didn't hit post! Smarty pants!

I assumed when the girls stopped swimming that the dreadfully early starts to the weekend mornings would be a thing of the past.

Not So.

Today we were on the road at 5.45 and heading to Marlins park, the baseball stadium. Today was the annual, Make Strides for Breast Cancer walk. Since this time last year I have had 3 people near and dear to my heart diagnosed with breast cancer. We were going to volunteer come hell or high water this year. I have never been to a baseball stadium and this one has just had a multimillion dollar face lift. It's spiffy.

We parked the car, walked a couple of paces and we were in the stadium. It was pink. Everything was pink, except the shirts we had to wear, they were blue and huge! There was a really great vibe happening and the enthusiasm was palpable.

Since Rosie is not a memeber of NJHS she wasn't in the photos but she did volunteer and did work hard. I smell a fowl.
I had to take a photo we will probably never go again
and we never got to see inside cos we were along the walk way handing out water.
The moon was still was that early!
My little love in the only sized shirt they had, XL. (really)
Lily and Tiffy. Tiffy has moved on to high school but her mum teaches at Lilys school so they get to do these things together. She came home with us.
The 3........nutters
really nice girls. so so lucky
And I thought I lived in the United States!
I have a thing for manhole covers. I love them
Rosie in a Corvette. She sat in that for an hour whilst we waited for the event to get underway.

It was a great event and quite sobering to see tens of thousands of people all, who in some way, have been affested by breast cancer. More is done for breast cancer awareness than for any other cancer. Last month was choldhood cancer month, do you know what next month is? I will be writing about it.

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  1. Oh Rosie in that over-sized shirt! Great thing to be doing to inspire your kids.