Sunday, September 27, 2015


I really wasn't excited about visiting Gainesville, the place. I mean I once went to Tallahassee and Saint Augustine and other big Florida cities and I have found them all to be dumpy and hickie. I need something a little more cosmo. Gainesville shocked me. First off it is filled with hills, hills! Most of Florida is as flat as a fritter so this was huge and then it has big lovely trees, not palm trees, another score for the city. Lastly the building are brick. You probably don't even get the point of this comment do you? We have no brick or stone buildings in Miami, everything is CBS.

I felt like I was up north somewhere and it was gorgeous. We didn't meet many people but all those we spoke to were kind and friendly and they spoke English. Amazing. I really loved it there but it isn't on my list of places to move to but it is so much nicer than here. It might have made it on to the list if it wasn't a trazillion degrees, just like here.

As we drove up we saw some pretty silly places or at least we saw the sighns for the silly sounding places.
Makes me laugh every time I see it. One day I will go there to see what exactly it is like
I just wouldn't  live here! It sounds half sharp.
On Sunday we stopped in a couple of shops before hitting the road, one was an emormous Asian market where I spotted these.

Who writes this on the cake box? The Chinese that's who. If you have ever been to CHina you will know how frequently you see stuff like this and how hilarious it is.
As we were heading towards the major expressway so that we could high tail it home Lily saw a sigh for a Prairie. A prairie, in Florida? So off we went and it was indeed a real life Prairie.
It looked a little swampy to me
really pretty flowers as far as the eye could see 
it was so hot
pretty faffles
It was a really love weekend. And I will do it again next year and I hope to encourage more people to join us.


  1. With the "prairie", purple loosestrife & those fluffy clouds it looks like here!

  2. What were you doing there?