Thursday, September 24, 2015


Following Joeys death Kathy sprung into action and founded Joeys Wings a special part of this foundation is the Cranes for a Cure. I absolutely love how Kathy took something so awful and created such beauty.

Her cranes or Joeys cranes, are currently being "flown" at Shands Childrens Hospital in Gainesville. I have seen so many photos of them and they are absolutley gorgeous and I was not about to go all the way to Gainesville and not pay them a visit. I was warned don't take photos when the security guard is there as you will have to get a media pass and that process takes over an hour. OK then, iPhone photos for sure.

If you have to be in a hospital, make it a cheerful one
No photo will ever do these justice, they are stunning.

I just love how bright and cheerful they are.
That smile should still be here!
loved the shadows
so much talent
You can rad about cranes for a cure, here:

Awareness, research, a cure! It's a simple goal.


  1. Wow,they are absolutely beautiful.

  2. These cranes are absolutely stunning. What an amazing event. I loved seeing you and Kris and the girls together. I've met Kris once, but it was way too long ago!

  3. They are happy you risked jail time to get some pics!