Sunday, October 11, 2015

something new

As the girls had to stop swimming due to my decisions Lily decided to join the school running team. I backed her 100% and felt it was a fabulous choice. School running season is over as of last week. Seriously, how can this be? It didn't start until the 3rd week of school and it is already done. Oh well, I do believe she had fun whilst it lasted. I suggested another sport, 2 others are offered, one is cheer leading and the other, volleyball. Apparently both are out of the question as the, "mean popular girls" do them ~ alrighty then.

Since running was still happening on Thursday I drove Lily and a couple of her team mates to a cross country meet. Unlike a swim meet we didn't have to be up at zero dark hundred hours, in fact I didn't have to be at the school until 9am. Ahhhh. I know my girl is a bit nerdy and very sweet but it still shocks me when her classmates are the same. I took the nicest teens with us, one boy opened my car door for me. Yes, I was also shocked and so very delighted to see such chivalry, it gives me hope that Lily will always be able to surround herself with decent people.

Perhaps it is because the only sport I am familiar with is swimming but this event seemed very lack lustre. Her coach didn't seem as if he could be bothered, others were very enthusiastic. It was peculiar. One of the dads warmed the kids up, thankfully he was there. Lily and her team mates were raring to go and finally they were able too. Every kid beat their previous times, some kids on other teams ran like the wind. I stood near the finish line and watched them charge home.

Im  used to backstroke flags so these were novel
My car load
some of the younger runners
Lily is all about the food and snacks and NEVER eats anything. weirdo
Kinda squished at the startling line.
Some rather large elbows were flung her away but she showed 'em.
Here she comes. She always looked so graceful in the water. To see her plod by was strange.
Then she saw me and heard my encouragement, that was a first.
Shes staring right at me,. In swimming this never happened.
She doesn't appear to be having a nice time does she?
Just as she reached the finish line I found her and was able to see her finish
plod plod plod
recovery mode. doesn't speak, just grunts
after a drink and a few encouraging words from team mates she si all smiles again
This is Juan, He is a goof and just lovely
as he approached the finish line, Lily yelled, Go Juan. He heard his name and started to look for where it came form. LOL
This will be the only cross country post ever since we are done with the season. Carry on.


  1. Having watched Mark & Dani run I know for a fact it isn't will never capture a smile in your action shots. Lily runs effortlessly....the sign of a good runner! Great action shots!

  2. Looks like a great meet! I can't believe the season is over already though! Briana's running club goes until November and she has a 5K then too.

    Way to go Lily!!!

  3. So glad she was able to find another sport she is enjoying. Is she missing swimming? How is school going for you? Hope all is going well!

  4. Rosie doesn't miss swimming at all. Lily misses the competitiveness of it but not the daily stuff. She has already sadi she will go for a highschool with swimming if it comes down to a choice

  5. Tis the season for cross country. Our kiddos are going to a regional meet tomorrow. I'm glad she's got great friends to run with. :)