Sunday, September 6, 2015

living for thursdays

Since starting school I live for Thursdays. Once I file Thursday away for the week I am as a free as a bird until Monday. I am loving being so focused and just wish I could get through all of this a whole lot faster. I am hoping that once I get into subjects that I love that I can add more credits per semester. Get 'er done.

The girls have fallen back in to their school routines with no problems at all. I wasn't familiar with Rosies teacher  as for the first time she isn't following in her sisters footsteps. I was a little wary for the first day and then I realised she is amazeballs and I love her. Rosie will flourish under her tutelage.

I have a runner. Lily joined the running team and was immediately placed on the varsity team. This makes me laugh, a lot. Child is a swimmer and if you remember way back, she broke her arm during a short sprint during dry land training. Girly is thoroughly uncoordinated, thoroughly. I signed the waiver that stated, child could get hurt or even killed, and thought, sh*t, how many more casts are in her future. Oh well. I firmly believe that if you live through childhood with no scars you have no stories to tell. My sibs and I all have many battle scars and most started with fun. My seester wears most of the scars but my brother assures her they were all fun!
We are still trying to find as activity for Rosie at school but mainly they are things girly won't touch with a stick, dancing, and cheer leading. Yea, not her cup of tea.  I'm hoping she can start basket ball or something that appeals to the little Tomboy.

My brother and sister are bogged down with "stuff" and I hate not being there to help out and offer support. I love them dearly and wish I could carry some of the load. 

last weekend we were being threatened by a tropical storm, that was meant to be a hurricane and then downgraded to a tropical storm and by the time it got here it was only a depression. As much as I am thankful for that it makes me crazy that the media hypes it up, up, up. I have a very anxious child and as much as I play it straight with her, hearing all the nonsense at school just made her a basket case. Once the crazy thunder and lightening started she was a wreck. Arghh.
I try to empower her and let her feel she is in control. I had a light bulb moment that ended like this:

By giving her a flashlight that she wears she knows the second the power goes out she will be OK. She thinks that the second the power goes out I will crank up the generator. yea, not so much.


  1. Glad things are going so well! You know I have a runner (and soccer player) too. Bri is not the cheerleader/dancer type at all. Reading this makes me wish even more we lived closer to one another! Good luck in school ~ I think you are totally amazing for going back.

  2. That pic of Rosie is just too funny. Sounds like you are settling into a routine with school....focus on the end result. It will be here before you know it!