Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Time seems like an appropriate heading for this post, as in, it's about time I posted but that isn't where I am going with it.

Time flies, is more how I am thinking right now.

As you know I am not one to keep things. Very little holds sentimental value to me, very very little. I capture everything I need in my mind and that is what I carry with me, everything else is stuff and just adds clutter. The girls on the other hand want to keep everything. If it were up to them nothing would get tossed. ever. I try and understand their mindset, truly I do but I cannot comprehend it.

That said, yesterday we were sorting through their wardrobes as both have been on a growing spree and I came across these tops in Rosies closet.

Smart and sassy
I love recess
I loved these shirts from the day they were given to Lily. They are from Gap Kids, a long long time ago and are the softest, thickest cotton, imaginable. Lily wore them to death until she could no longer fit into them and they were deemed a definite hand me down for Rose. Rosie also then wore them to death as they are perfect for our coldest Florida winter days.

With a huge sob, I annouce the end of the road for these two. They are to small for Rosie. I announced that they would not be thrown away, given to charity or handed down, these will be saved.

Why you ask?

 Because they were hand me downs from the Sista from another mista. These two shirts used to belong to and fit these two beautiful girlies.

All grown up and a soldier in the Israeli army
All grown up and a college student in her 3rd year. 
Hard to imagine them small enough to wear those shirts!
Where does the time go?


  1. Oh how I love you <3

  2. Some things are definitely worth keeping for sentimental sake. :)

  3. I know you probably do not want to cut them up but I saw a great idea of a patchwork blanket made from t shirts of sentimental value or cushions.

  4. Jo and Val. Great idea but I don't have any old t shirts. I get rid of everything. I'm sad about it now