Monday, August 24, 2015

first day of school

I truly cannot believe that summer is over and that the girlies (and I) headed back to school today.

Since Lily started school the procedure for finding out your  assigned teacher has been the same; the Friday evening before classes start they are posted outside the school office. Not the greatest way but efficient and no one can complain or make a fuss as the person that posts them does so on their way out of the building and that is that.

We drove over on Friday and nothing, nada, butkus. Fortunately having a child with a social life paid off and we found out the information was posted on the portal. The only information however was the class assignment and we had no way of finding out who their classmates were.

Lily and I dropped Rosie off with her teacher Mrs Montilla and luckily, oh so very luckily 2 of her friends were in the class but not her close friend but she wasn't worried. Then I walked Lily over to the upper academy. I don't think either one of us thought anything of me walking with her until we were heading down the long hallway on the third floor and we both realised at once that I was the only 8th grade parent there. I quickly pulled her aside and pointed it out and she said the same thing at the same time. I said, I'm leaving, gave her a quick hug and scarpered. On my way to the stairs I saw her math teacher and commented to him I was all alone, he joked and said you are the 3rd parent, I've been watching. He thinks it's good that our kids don't mind, me too!

Then I headed home and realised just how much my migraine was killing me  quiet the house was. Sigh. Just a few short hours and I would be heading to get them and all would be back to normal.

Lily's schedule was all messy and she was flustered so she rang me. There are 6 periods in her day and she had 7 assigned classes. She is taking algebra 2 supposedly but her schedule showed pre algebra with 7th grade or some such nonsense. I told her it would get sorted and to calm down. She did and by the time I picked them up things were better. Her only beef now is that she has to do her virtual math in a classroom with a teacher that doesn't teach algebra 2. Crazy, but I know it will get sorted.

Rosie came out all smiles. She likes her teacher but she is a yeller. Apparently there is a child that, "just doesn't listen or stay in her seat" so the teacher yelled at her and it was loud. Rosie likes calm. She has a really small class with only 18 students, I'm thrilled.  I think both of them are going to have a great year.

Ready for 3rd and 8th grade
All ready in her mismatched Minion socks
That belt is her absolute favourite.
And then of course after they had done their homework and we had had dinner it was my turn.
That smile just might be fake considering I am holding a math book. 
We are all in this together.

( no, that is not an apple watch that lily is wearing. Everyone asks that. It is a1face
I had an OK evening. It's odd being in a class with kids. LOL there are some older people and I truly don't care but lets just get this done and not mess about?   K.


  1. You show those "young whipper-snappers"!:)

  2. Hope everyone has a productive and fabulous school year, including you Mama!

  3. I hope you all have a great school year and much success. :)