Friday, August 21, 2015

boat show

The Miami International Boat Show is a huge event. From multi million dollar vessels that resemble the finest hotels all the way down to kayaks. It is something that everyone should go to once, at least if they live here. It happens annually in February.

I took the girls to a boat show yesterday. It was accidental.

We went to dinner at a favourite dive on the water and afterwards we walked about. We could see all the sailboats docked  at the marina and the houseboats in the water just off shore but the boats that caught my eye were the little ones that are used to get to the house boats.

The view of the houseboats from our table
much more personality than any million dollar yacht
love this one
so many stories
a fancy newer model
barely sea worthy
this one comes with it's own 'bail out' bucket
As we walked back towards the restaurant Rosie pointed out that a man coming towards had a parrot on his shoulder. I made a comment about him being a pirate and we continued on. We walked all the way through the boat yard and headed towards the car park.
This entire boat yard is being moved. The idiotic city has decided to build a mall on the water and get rid of the character that is there now.. The decades of stories, the heart of the grove will be gone and a big stack of commercialism will be there instead.
Old and smelly
an honor system for customs? Hah, here? Not bloody likely.
As we were about to walk into the car park I pulled the girls out of the way of a car that was reversing furiously up over the sidewalk and on to the grass. It was none other than the pirate, complete with his parrot. He jumped out of a massive old Cadillac and called for his dog. Then he looked at us and said, it's ok she doesn't bite. He then realised the girls were enthralled with the scene and started a conversation. I am not good with small talk with strangers, it makes me uncomfortable but this man was friendly and didn't stop to chat but continued on with his business. He was loading his little boat with his groceries, bird and dog so that he could get home, to his houseboat. The kids, particularly Rosie, were in awe of this life style.
Pirate man
KiKi the parrot, who likes to swim!
Pirate man, KiKi and pin head the dog. A motley and very nice crew!
When we go to Scotty's I always park at city hall. It's always in the evening or on weekends so nothing is happening. I always choose a different parking apace and the names on some of the spaces makes me laugh. I didn't fancy being the mayor or the assistant mayor yesterday but this pleased my mood.
Me for an hour or two
Summer is winding down. We all start school on Monday. Gulp. We are off for another adventure today, it's what we do.

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  1. Love this post.....especially your new title "agenda coordinator"! That is you....perfect! The "pirate" with his dog & parrot....priceless.