Tuesday, August 18, 2015

roller falling

Last Saturday the girls were invited to Danielles 6th birthday party, it was at a rollerskating party. My girls are not the best skaters hence the title of this post, roller falling

The party was really good fun for them and I was able to catch up with some mums that I see maybe once or twice a year and of course spend time with Ed and Jen. Good times.

Orange skates, who would have thunk?
tips from big sis but she is still glued to the wall
Turns out those skates were way to small for her 
This litle girl was so so sweet and helped out Rosie 
The 3 skateteers
A very motley gang
the birthday girl
Such a fun time for all involved. 
That skating rink has to be one of the skankiest places on earth. 


  1. LOL! I have many happy memories of the skating rink, but now it's not my favorite place.

  2. I haven't been on rollerblades since I was about their age!

  3. Miss LiLi went thru the roller skate phase last year.....wanted to go every week!