Wednesday, May 20, 2015


As I may have mentioned Lily has a phenomenal principal who has worked wonders with Lil's curriculum to keep her challenged and happy at school. Other than just the learning aspect of school she  suggested Lily join the Duke TIP program. Basically it is a program offered by Duke University geared to high achieving students. THey offer summer programs, weekend courses all types of things to keep the challenge on.

Dr. P suggested back in October that Lily apply to take her SAT or ACT test ( the ones given as college entrance exams in 12th grade) through Duke, in December. Studies have shown that 7th graders can do as well as if not better than 12 graders on the test. They feel no pressure to pass, yet for the most part have the knowledge required. Lily sat the exam along with one other kid in her class and they both came out saying it was hard.

Months and months went by and finally we received her results. Th
ey weren't very clear but from what we could make out she had done very well. More time passed and an email arrived stating I needed to attend a webinar if I wanted to understand the results. I did.

Child scored within the top 5% of the country. She held her own against the 12th graders and in most cases surpassed them . She was getting an award at the State level. 2 weeks ago was the award ceremony.

SO happy
The speakers...they were a bit long winded
Being called onto the stage

recieving her award

rightfully proud

So very proud of her
Yesterday I met with her principal to talk high schools. Gulp. She sees no reason for the kidlet not to study both college and high school for the last 2 years so she will start college with an AA degree. Phew, sounds taxing. We only have 2 schools here in the district that do that.


  1. My son takes college classes while in high school. He will graduate high school and have 12 college credit hours. I'm not sure I would have been able to do that when I was his age. Good job Lily!!!!

  2. Way to go Lily....that is terrific! What a great head start she will have by doing that.

  3. That is sooooo wonderful! Way to go Lily! I cannot wait to see what this girl is going to do in the future. It will be amazing to watch!

  4. Congratulations Lily, very proud of you, that's an awesome achievement. xx

  5. Hi there, I've been following your blog for a while now. I go to Duke. Tell Lilly welcome to the Duke Blue Devil family! Best wishes. Hope she ends up at Duke herself in the future!