Tuesday, May 19, 2015

oh my

she takes my breath away

Quite a few months ago Lily received a very formal invitation in the mail. She was so excited and had been impatiently awaiting it's arrival. She immediately filled out the RSVP card and pooped it back in the mailbox.

How could it be that my 12 year old was invited to a formal evening. Where the heck has the time gone. Although Lily is in 7th grade she takes two classes with the 8th grade and she truly seems to fit more with the 8 graders regarding maturity than she does with her grade. Jenny was turning 15 and invited Lily to join her celebration. I know Jenny and her family and had no qualms whatsoever about her going.

Up until this point Lily has only gone to one other  teenagery party at a kids home so she was really giddy about it. Then when I mentioned her needing a very special dress, she flipped. oh and shoes, wait till you see the shoes.

Dress shopping was a little difficult as she is so tiny and most of the long dresses totally overwhelmed her teeny tiny frame. She of course loved them and when I told her they were all just to much for her she was sad. I told her she needed short and she was crushed. Then I told her she needed high heels and she was back on board.

She has bloody great big large feet so shoe shopping now puts us in the adult section so as you can imagine Macys shoe department made her head spin and her eyes glaze over. ANd when the sales chap found her a HIGH heel with a peep toe she was speechless and gave me a look like that said, really mum, can I? I told her to try it on.

On a  Saturday night,  about 2 weeks ago, Rosie and I dropped someone, who slightly resembled Lily, at a banquet hall. We sat in the car together as she waited to see familiar faces entering the hall. My always head strong and sure child was having a little case of nerves. She looked amazing, felt amazing but needed a friend to walk in with. One of her teachers pulled into the next parking space with her daughter in the car so we all walked in together. I told her if she wanted me to just ring and I would be there in a heartbeat.

With that we left and headed to the airpost to pick up cousin Doris. The invitation stated 6.pm-midnight and at 11.30 I hopped in the car for the 15 minute drive. I was pulling intot he car park when she called to say come get me.

She had a ball.


  1. She is so grown-up & beautiful! The part about her eyes glazing over in the shoe dept had me! She is truly a girly girl! Watch out Mama:)

  2. Smart, beautiful, and talented. And she is just getting started....