Monday, May 18, 2015

a cousin by any other name

My cousin was named Andrea by her parents when she was born but then, in her thirties, she became a huge part of Rosies life and Rosie changed her name from Andie to Annie. I'm not sure how or why but most likely because she couldn't say Andie. Anyway, Annie it is but not just Annie, "cousin Annie".

Cousin Annie came to stay, at the exact same time that Jakie was here. It was a celebration of fun and love and the kids were giddy. Rosie was a tiny bit giddier because she went alone with me to the airport to pick Annie up. Rosie spied Annie by the luggage carousel and hauled arse through the throngs of people to get to her, all while yelling, ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE. So now 100 other people know her name is Annie. I believe it might be Rosies mission in life.

One day it struck me, every single time I introduce her to someone, anyone, I will use a different name and I did. From Claudette to Francine, the worse the name the more fun it was and of course every time someone replied, "Francine, nice to meet you", we would roar with laughter leaving the poor soul, whom I had just tricked, looking dazed and confused.

Cousin Annies visit was also one we lived rather than documented so I have only a few photos but I will share as I catch up.

We miss Delilah and Jakie but are assured they will be returning again. There is a rumour circulating now that Annie will be returning and bringing her brother Richie Rich, in tow. That would be fun but what name will we call him?
giggling buffoons
Lets take a photo, I said, by the fountain, I said. HAH Apparently it was wet and it was this and it was that and it ended in a giggle fest, like everything we did and this was the capture! sigh.

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