Sunday, May 17, 2015

the sista from the other mista

3 weeks ago-ish my sista from another mista came to stay. She actually stayed here. Could life get any sweeter? I didn't put anything on here or Facebook as she is expected to see so many people whilst she is here and frankly she didn't. LOL. We hung low,  we laughed, shopped, laughed, ate, laughed, shopped and laughed some more. We didn't do anything outstanding but just being together is always a wonderful thing and my girls ADORE her.

This year when she arrived at the airport there was no question who was taller in the annual shot. No question at all. We were together last summer in England and this was nowhere near happening.

Not much to say about this really. Jakie is so teeny tiny.

This visit was an example of living life rather than documenting it and I have barely any photos of us at all. Sigh!

Possibley one of my favourite parts of this visit was having cousin Matilda here too.

A very serious bedtime.....never happen here.

Rosie trying so hard to be taller than Jakie
It is so hard having zero family here and my bestie half way around the world. I hate it but it is what it is. I wish life were a snow globe and you could just shake it up and see what unfolds.


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time together! Wonderful memories!!

  2. So happy for you all! It really is hard being far from loved ones. But it does make the reunions that much more special. :)