Wednesday, April 1, 2015

swimming, it's what they do.

I haven't taken any photos of the girls at swim practice since we moved to the new pool and joined forces with the new team. Things are different here and it is run like a well oiled machine. Whereas before we used to sit across from the blocks, here the bleachers are set up length ways to the pool. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck and I am in total agreement with it. But~ and there's always a but, since we can't go on the pool deck I can't get photos. Sigh. I can but not good ones.

Last week since it was spring break and the pool was so quiet and not many parents were there at all I asked the new head coach if it would be OK if i went on deck to take some photos and he said yes. I was surprised he did cos he isn't one to bend any rules, at all.

I didn't hang about I just went in, snapped a few shots and left, then I would go back again when she was doing a different drill.

Nice pool huh? Huge improvement over the last one but it isn't a competition pool which is a little bit of a shame
She LOVES swimming
And she is good, very good
Breast stroke is her stroke
Oops, I didn't edit any of these. She dives really well now
Someone shoot me now she looks about 15.

Lily always has Saturday practice and it is held at a different pool, one that is much more relaxed and nowhere near as nice. Again due to Spring break I took photos as there weren't many people around.
She truly does look like she is flying
in her zone
Bottoms up. This is not lily but it just made me laugh, no one,flip turns in fins.
I would sink
back stroke start
The childs spine is as crooked as that lane line
On your marks, get set, GO
When Lily was in a particular meet it was sponsored by Gatorade and all the swimmers were given Gatorade bottles and a lot of other stuff too. Rosie coveted that bottle, I really don't know why as why we have a tonne of water bottles, a tonne and a majority of them are nicer than that one. However she adored it and for her birthday, back in Feb, all she wanted was her own Gatorade bottle. As you can see by the top photo, she got it.

The pool deck is becoming a hot place again. I know longer sit and wait for the girls to swim. The second Rosie dives into the pool I take off for an hour. I run, I used to walk fast but one day I decided to run and I now run 3 miles while she is swimming. I go alone, I never use headphones I just take in everything that is around me. I don't like running one bit but I love the freedom.

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  1. Great action shots! Love Rosie in! Love that you run....wish I could! Isn't having that time to just to think the best? That's when I come up with most of my "inspirations"!