Sunday, April 5, 2015


Every year it is our tradition to dye eggs. This is a tradition I feel should be outlawed as it is as messy as all hell and I hate it. But I have kiddies and therefore I have to put on my big girl panties  along with a great big smile and pretend it is the most fun ever.

Each year I look for a different way fo decorating them. Lord knows, I love to up the ante on the mess. This year the choice was rubberband eggs. Quite simply you place rubberbands on the eggs in a pattern and them dye them. It was iffy. Nothing outstandingly beautiful for sure but they had fun so yay.

fluffy chicken
let's do this
Rosie loved mixing the dye, which this year was food coloring
more experiments
not sure what colours were used to v=create the rotten green look. ewww
I falied to hit publish yesterday so it is now Easter and we are off to find eggs. Happy Easter.

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