Monday, April 6, 2015

eggs, lots of eggs. everywhere.

Our Easter tradition is to go to our friends condo and do a fantastic egg hunt in the atrium with just our four kids. But I am so so so happy to say that this was the year that that all had to change as they bought a house!I am so happy for them. We went over to their house and Ed cooked his fantastic brekky, that man cooks bacon like no other and then we hunted eggs. Each year we take a photo in the same spot, this year we started new traditions.

The girls with their Easter loot 
eggs hunt
such sophistication
the gang
my heart
Once the girls had collected their own body weights in eggs we headed over to my friends Ames house for Easter with herso that hte girls could collect their body weights in eggs again. I actually forgot to take ours so I had to zoom back to the house. Nincompoop.. I love being able to socialise now, it's fabulous. Someone mentioned yesterday that they have never seen me so relaxed and funny.
listening to the rules cos frankly without them it is hopeless and chaotic. Oh wait they didn't listen.
Bri, such sweetness and a huge personality 
Uncle Nick helping out
No candy in the eggs, only toys and money. Snort, guess which corrupt adult put cadbury eggs in them? 
hah again
best time
I hope you like her easter dress?!
Boys! Lily is baffled by them.
Lily and Nick, the dark haired boy, have always had a fabulous friendship and were always
together. Yesterday I noticed a rift, or divide so when we got home I asked her what happened.

 Me: Lily you and Nick used to be such good friends, what happened, are you guys not getting along?

Lily: He is a pervert and an idiot!

Me: hmm, you mean he is a 13 year old boy?

Lily: I guess Me: well I hate to tell you this but he would be thrilled to be called that by you.

Me to his mother: your son is an idiot/LOL

Her: I know, I tell him daily.

 For the record he is not an idiot. He is fabulous and I adore him. Friends like this are few and far between. Hope your easter was hoppy.


  1. Someone is looking very mature these days! How did she skip from little girl to almost a woman. Holy Cow! Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  2. Lily is looking very mature & the "pervert/idiot" remark is a sign of how much more mature she is! Rosie looks so happy & it sounds like you are too! Happy Days!

  3. Ed does do a lovely breakfast. I can't believe his little baby grew up quite so much. Can't you just gate crash the old place, just for the Easter egg hunting ground?

  4. Happy Easter! I love reading that you are out and about and having fun.