Wednesday, April 8, 2015

my house lost it's resale value

I will never EVER be able to sell my house as it no longer has any resale value at all.

True story

When we bought it the contractor that we used was also the realtor and he was, to say the very least, not the kind of person I enjoy doing business with. The "then husband" liked him, a lot, thought he was a great guy and a fantastic business man. Each to his own, I say.

Once we did the walk through I started with my list: tear this down, build a closet here, open up under the stars, rip out all the mirrors, oh wait, just gut the damn place it's condemnable. So as we started to rebuild I said, no tub in the master. He said, you MUST have a tub for resale. I said their will be one in the kids bathroom.

No plate glass mirrors, I said, he said, you have to them for resale. He won, sort of. He put them in I ripped them out after we moved in.

No towel bars under ANY circumstances. He laughed and said....well by now you know what he said.

Seriously got on my last nerve. This was my house, I was paying him but he wouldn't let me do everything I wanted. And some of it was the most ridiculous stuff imaginable. I could understand if it was off the wall crazy but not so much.

And so it went, on and on and on.

As you know I have been painting and doing and changing. I have ruined my house for ever. I will never ever be able to sell it as I changed every last thing that contractor man would not I am such a rebel.

serious yuck factor
seemed like a wonderful idea
This I suppose is an after not a before as they are already off of the wall. And you are telling me that these insanely cheap and nasty things will help me sell my house? Bite me.
Hah. I love it
White satin paint against black wood
Much nicer
Not finished here. I am taking it down again and mounting it on wood then putting it back up.
So there you have it. I wrecked my house and all for under $30. Oh and I have barely started. Next weekend I have help and we are really going to trash the place.


  1. I love your ideas....has resale in my eyes! Can't wait to see what else you do!

  2. Glad you get to do what you want now. :) I like your ideas much better.

  3. Your house is lovely! You have done amazing things with it!