Monday, April 13, 2015

then this happened

Last Friday, precisely at noon (and I know it was precisely noon and not one minute before and not one minute after because I was clock watching) there was a knock at my door. As is always the case the kids headed towards the door but stopped short of opening it as this is a rule in our home. I opened it and found three people that I have NEVER met standing there.

For the briefest of moments we stared at each other and then it happened, we squealed and hugged and said, come in, come in and of course those words were only topped by these: it is so fabulous to finally meet you. And for the rest of the day the same thought kept crossing my mind: Lisa, Doug and Brianna are in my house, my house. How crazy was that? I have followed Lisa's blog for years and finally getting to meet her and her family was really really wonderful.

Brianna is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet and her voice just melts my heart. Her and Rosie just hit it off over Legos and then took off upstairs and had an elaborate game of make believe with lots of luggage and stuffed animals. Doug has a fabulous sense of humour and was just so patient with all the giggles and chatter that transpired.

Lisa grew up just minutes from here and attended the same elementary school that the girls go to and went to the middle school that my friend Ed teaches at. One of the things on her to do list was re-visit her old school and thanks to Ed she even got to sit in her old desk. Oh my gosh it was hilarious. The whole day was filled with so many giggles.

After the school tour and some down time at the house we headed into the Grove for some dinner. I thought of all the fancy places we could go to that are so typical of Miami and ended up choosing a local dive on the bay where I knew we would be able to talk and the girlies would be comfortable and the view would be, Miami. Sometimes less is more and this was just one of those times. Following dinner we walked around a local park so that the kiddies could have some more fun together.

This was MY desk. And see how she turned it the way it was back then.
McMillan Middle School. 
I wonder if they found this yet
No words! At one point Brianna was looking for her headband and I casually said, Doug was wearing it last .but I don't think for  moment that he thought I had the evidence. 
all 3 together. crazy
2 peas on a pod and I thought Lily and Brianna were similar. Hah, Rosie and Bri were a team for the day.
Throwing rocks into the bay. Is there anything more fun?
Yes, a memory, right there.
best photo of the day
As luck would have it my girls had the option of no school on Friday as it was, Take Your Child To Work, day. I opted to have them work with me but I had already cleared out my calendar as this visit had been on the books for months. Hah.

Thank you Lisa for taking the time out of your Spring Break and time with your cousins to come for a visit. We will see you in Georgia next time around.


  1. Wow that last picture needs to be framed!! How awesome you all finally met, and clicked. Love it!

  2. Fun nice to meet "friends" you connect with through the web. Looks like Rosie found a friend....hope they keep in touch!

  3. What an awesome post (except I look like a total middle school dork in the first photo! LOL!) It was awesome, awesome, awesome to meet you! What a great day! Wish it didn't have to end. Love how Bri and Rosie were two peas in a pod. Thank you so much again for hosting such a wonderful day for us. I hope our paths cross again very, very soon! xoxo

  4. Oh - and your girls are simply amazing. What bright futures those girls have ahead of them!!!

  5. all our children are amazing. How did we get so lucky? Rosie is smitten with Brianna~ a first for her for sure.

  6. So sweet! It`s nice to meet you through Kellyn`s blog. Coincidentally my post today is about wearing a tiara so I couldn`t help but notice the wonderful title of your blog!